Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from the beach

We're back! Sorry I didn't blog last week, I was at the beach with the girls. I did take the computer with the intention of getting at least one blog done, but there was too much time needed to be spent at the pool, in the sand, riding in the golf-cart, and going out to eat, and playing putt-putt to get anything else done. Here are some thoughts about last week's trip, yesterday at Freedom, and other stuff.

- We stayed at Ocean Lakes while at the beach. I have stayed there twice now, both times in September, and had an awesome time. I can't imagine what that place would be like during 4th of July week. There are a lot of houses packed in there.

- We ate at one of our favorite seafood restaurants, The Conch Cafe in Garden City. The older I get the more I love fried oysters.

- We had some rainy weather last week, but I realized again that I love being at the beach no matter what the weather's like.

- The girls loved riding in the golf-cart. We probably had as much fun doing that as we did everything else.

- Being back for Sunday morning was awesome. I got to continue the series on The Best Question Ever, and this week we dealt with making wise moral choices. I got to spend a lot of time talking about a subject everyone is interested in: sex. If you weren't there, you missed what I was thought was a very funny moment when we had everyone say, "sex" out loud just to get over the fact that we were actually going to talk about it in church. It was kind of like a weird responsive reading.

- I am amazed how every week we have new people join us for worship. Keep that in mind when we start to talk about the need to change our Sunday morning environment in the next couple of months. (ideas I am still sorting through that I will talk about later)

- Dan Ploof did a great job yesterday singing From the Inside Out. He also did all the behind the scenes work to arrange a relationship with the people at Covenant Eyes so anyone at Freedom can access their internet accountability software for one month free. I will put the linc to their website on the blog tomorrow. Thanks Dan for your hard work, and for having a passion to see all followers of Christ live sexually pure lives.

- Brett Farve tied Dan Marino's career touchdown passes record yesterday. (sorry Mark) There is no football player I'd rather watch than Farve. The thing about his game that has not diminished as he has gotten older is his passion. (he also still has a rocket arm) I'll be sorry when he retires.

- The Gamecocks took it on the chin Saturday in Baton Rogue. Obviously, I would have loved a win, but at least we looked respectable.

That's all for now. I've got so many more things I'm thinking about but I'll try and save them for another day.


Ted Roberts said...

Cliff, I am constantly amazed how you can take a subject that is "taboo" in many churches and make it seem normal to talk about.

Jerry Chapman said...

Sounds like great stuff are going on, Cliff. I'll keep you posted on how the driving with Claire goes! We need to get together.