Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ninja Warrior to play drums with our band this Sunday!

There's a cool show on cable network G4 called "Ninja Warrior". It's basically an impossible obstacle course in Japan that people try to complete. The guys on the show are all Japanese, and they are all in amazing shape. They have to climb things, jump long distances, swing on ropes and all kinds of other cool stuff. The funniest part is listening to the announcer (who gets really excited) and reading the subtitles to see what he is saying.

Ben Patat who is our bass / guitar player, is in a band called "Divide the Sea" and the drummer from his band will be playing drums with our praise team this Sunday. His name is Brett Simms and he is a great drummer, but he is also a ninja warrior. Well, he hopes to be one. Brett can do tons of cool tricks, and he has posted a video on the G4 website to try and get on the Ninja Warrior show. You've got to check it out. Here's the linc:

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