Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to School Bash update

I wish you could have been at the Freedom office yesterday. I went to Greenville to see someone in the hospital, and when I got back the office was filled with people stuffing school supplies into backpacks. Tamara Whitener and Laurie King had their group so well organized that they filled 500 backpacks in just over an hour! Of course all this is leading up to our first ever Back to School Bash this Sunday afternoon at Century B Park in Greer. I can't wait to see all the opportunities God is going to bring our way that afternoon!

If you have volunteered to help with this event I want to say a big "thanks" in advance. The last time I checked with Donny there were around 120 people who have signed up to help. Your participation in this event can make a real impact on our community. Through the article in the Greenville News (see yesterday's blog) and through word of mouth, we are already receiving positive feedback from people in the community about this event. I envision us doing this next year on an ever bigger scale with local businesses helping with the contributions. Some have already said they would be interested in doing that.

All this is just a reminder that demonstrating Christ's love in tangible ways always gets people's attention. Our desire is not to have people's attention for ourselves, but to point them to Jesus. Begin praying now that God will lead people who need Him to Century B on Sunday afternoon. I believe He will!

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