Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New tools

I'm reading a great book right now called, "Go Big - Lead Your Church to Explosive Growth". It's written by Bill Easum and Bil Cornelius. That's not a misspelling, one guy is a one "L" Bil while the other is a two "L" Bill. There were two things from the chapter I read last night that I wanted to share with you. The first is this quote:

"One of the most frustrating things about being the pastor of a growing church is that the tools you have to learn to grow the church to one level won't work at the next level. As soon as you go to the next level, God asks you to turn in those tools and learn some new ones. You just got good using those tools and they don't work anymore. Now you have to pick up new tools that are uncomfortable to you."

When I read that I underlined it and put a big star beside it. I feel like that's where we are right now. I believe God will continue to bless Freedom with growth, but for that to happen we all (me most of all) will have to learn to use some new tools. We can't continue to do things the same way and expect new things to happen, and the structure and strategy that worked when we had 100 people coming to worship might not work now that we have 300 people coming to worship. So what are those changes? I'm not certain yet. I've got a pretty good idea, but I'm still praying through everything. When I know, you'll know, but here's the main thing, I'm completely committed to do whatever God asks us to do! It's cool to know that many of you are as well.

Tomorrow I will share with you the other thing from "Go Big" that I thought was great. It's a prayer that we should be praying about our church.

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