Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've Been Waiting All Day To See You!

Several weeks ago I took Grace to a friend's house on a Saturday afternoon to play. When we arrived at the house, Grace's friend was in her front yard talking to the man who lives next door. I pulled up to the house with the window rolled down, and when Grace got out of the car I heard Grace greeted with these words: "Grace! I've been waiting all day to see you!" What a cool way to be greeted by someone. I think everyone likes to feel that someone is glad to see them. In fact I would say not only does everyone like it, I believe we all need it. I believe that's why dogs are so loved by their owners. A good dog will always make you feel like they have been waiting all day to see you.

After I dropped Grace off that day I started thinking about how people who visit Freedom on a Sunday morning are greeted. We have a great team of greeters who have the official job of saying hello to folks and to help them get any info they need, but I believe that all of us at Freedom have the opportunity and the ability to make people feel welcome. When someone shows up at Greer High School on a Sunday morning I want them to feel like there are people there who have been waiting all day for them to arrive. Even if they aren't impressed with my teaching, or the music, or the facility, I want them to walk away remembering that they were warmly greeted.

I've said this before and I'll probably say it again, if you are a regular Freedom attender, you are a key part of the greeting team. Put those skills to work this Sunday!

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