Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reality Check

One thing no one wants their pastor to talk about is money. I once heard someone refuse to go back to a church he had visited because the first Sunday he was there the pastor taught about tithing. According to this guy, "I just don't think it's right for a preacher to talk about money". I found that comment funny since the Bible has a lot to say about money.

Well, whether you like it or not I have to address the topic of money here today. In order for Freedom to operate on a daily basis money is required for things like utilities, supplies, missions, technical equipment, staff salaries, age-graded ministries, etc. The list is long and expensive. Those things are funded through the weekly offerings that are collected in the two black boxes in the atrium each week.

January of 2010 was a great beginning to the year as far as attendance is concerned (over 350) but not good as far as giving goes. In fact, the third week of January was one of the lowest offerings collected in the history of Freedom. (Christmas credit card bills coming in?) That brings us to the snow / ice storm of last weekend. As a result of the weather, we were forced to cancel the worship service, therefor no offering was collected. Missing a Sunday offering has the same effect on the finances of the church as missing a paycheck has on our personal finances. It might not make us go bankrupt, but it sure is difficult. Since we missed an opportunity to give last Sunday that means that everyone who couldn't give last week will double their offering this Sunday right? I wished it worked out like that, but history tells me that the majority of folks only give to church when they come. If they miss a Sunday they don't normally make-up for it later on.

Here's what I am asking you to do: tithe, give 10% of what you earned this week to the offering. I don't expect you to do anything more than what God has already asked us to give in scripture. I guarantee you that if everyone who attends Freedom this Sunday were to tithe, the offering would be the largest we've ever collected.

I know this is not the most enjoyable thing to read on the blog, but I want to be sure that we all do what's best for Freedom. If you read this blog and you attend another church be sure and give to that ministry. Thanks for understanding.


Sandy Hunter said...

Writting the check now Cliff, I can understand that canceling service can do that, its no different then missing a day of work and not getting paid.
I'm just praying that the weather will not have us miss another service. All the subjects that you preach on are great otherwise God wouldn't have you preach on it right?

Anonymous said...

We are praying with you. You are not alone.

Our leaders started a 21 day fast this week seeking God for a financial breakthrough. We were not surprised that we received our lowest offering in years the week we started the fast.

God is stretching our faith. If this is true...He must be up to something big!

justin said...

i do have to say out of all the blogs i've read so far on here i think by far this has to be the best! I've always seemed to be someone to help people out when they need it and giving it to the church is a no branier to me.. and even though no matter how much ya give to the church it will never be enough for what GOD'S already done for me! :) good stuff Cliff good stuff

Lori McPeak said...

Thanks for this one Cliff. Our preacher spent January of this year teaching about what the Bible says about tithing and I was surprised how many people took the attitude that he shouldn't be preaching about money or, hold your breath, that he was doing it for some personal benefit or gain. Coming from an accounting background, I am really surprised by the number of people who don't understand the whole concept of 'overhead'. Do they think those lights in the sanctuary run for free? Or how about the mics and speakers that allow us to hear the beautiful music? There's also the food ministry, do they ever wonder how all that food is purchased? I could go on and on!!