Monday, August 10, 2009

Six Questions

I'll get a longer post on here tomorrow about the Back to School Bash. For now you need to know it exceeded our expectations, and we had pretty high expectations! Until then, here are the six questions I asked everyone to think about as part of yesterday's message:

Sabbath questions
How comfortable are you with silence?
Could you spend a day (24 hrs) without TV, Internet or your cell phone?
You are in a room with nothing but a place to sit and your bible, how long can you last?

Confession questions
When talking to God, are you honest about your sin?
What are you trusting in to earn your forgiveness?
Is there something you have been carrying too long?

That's a lot to think about.


Mark H. Johnson said...

I guess I have to print them out and stare at them because my mind kept jumping around while looking at them on the computer screen...

Ryan Henson said...

I just thought you would want to know the fact that in my blogroll you come before perry noble and after mark batterson. thats a legit spot in the lineup to have haha

Cam_McElrath said...

Really good stuff on sunday. Really thought allot about myself the past few days. I guess we all need to always try to get stronger in our faith, no matter how on top of things we may think we are. Thanks.