Thursday, August 6, 2009


So it's Thursday and this is only the second post this week. That doesn't mean that there has been nothing going on. In fact, a lot has happened since Monday. I'll fill you in on some of it in the normal helter skelter, out of order fashion that is normal for me.

- Chris and I got to hang out with Kent Bateman over lunch yesterday in Columbia. I've known Kent since he was about eight years old, and it thrills me to see the man he has become. He has been able to use many of the gifts and talents God has given him at Midtown Fellowship. We had lunch at a great burger joint in Five Points called "Pawley's Front Porch". Of course on the way back we stopped at Zesto's, and I got two pieces of chicken to eat on the ride home. Can't waste a trip to Columbia without getting Zesto's or Rush's.

- I had a great time on Tuesday at the Bi-Lo Center with Grace. She wanted to see Demi Lovato, and since Sherry is not a fan of concerts, I got the call. First of all, Demi Lovato is talented. She isn't one of those made for television pop stars that can't actually get it done. Her voice was as good as the CD's, she played the guitar and piano, and she writes songs. The funny thing is that since she came on third, Grace was getting very tired. It was already past her bedtime. We stayed for well over half of her set, and then Grace was ready to hit the road. David Archuleta was one of the opening acts on Tuesday. Here are a few observations: he is just as goofy in person as he seemed on American Idol, mothers of little girls seem to like him as much as the little girls do, if the screams and squeals of 6-14 year old girls could be converted into cash he would be Bill Gates. I'd estimate that there were probably 8,000 people there at the concert and 97% were female. Take away the Dads like me who were there and the number is probably 99.5%.

- I had a great conversation with a friend today who is going the extra mile to help a friend in a tough situation. He is helping even to the point of rearranging his living situation. It challenged me to think about what I would do to help someone. Am I willing to do that for someone who needs it?

- Prediction: When the Taco Bell in Greer re-opens, the crowd will be out the door, even though the building is the only thing that has changed. The Chalupas, Taquitos, and Pintos and Cheese will taste exactly the same, and be just as greasy as they were before. People are funny.

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