Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday wrap-up

The week is coming to an end, but as normal that means we are heading into an eventful weekend. Here's what you can look forward to:

- Virus Scan is the theme for Sunday's message. This will be the second in the re:boot series. I encourage everyone who will be in worship Sunday to come prepared to let down your guard, and get really honest with God. Read the scripture we will be focusing on this week, and you might get an understanding of why I'm making this request. Exodus 16, Mark 2:23-24, Psalm 32:2-5

- Back to School Bash is this Sunday afternoon! For the third straight year we will have a big party at Century B Park in Greer in order to give away free school supplies. In our office right now are over 600 backpacks full of everything needed to start off the school year, and I cannot wait to be there when our volunteers give them away. (A big thanks to Laurie King and the rest of her crew that worked hard to get everything seperated and then put into the backpacks!) There will also be free hot dogs, face painting, and inflatables. What a great way to be the church instead of just going to church!

- Emily and I are going to see the new GI Joe movie with Jake today. It's awesome that my daughter enjoys cool movies. I think the movie is based on the GI Joes that were popular back in the mid to late 80's. Those are the ones that were small. By the time they came out I had outgrown playing with GI Joes. I grew up playing with the tall Gi Joes with the fuzzy hair and kung-fu grip. I had the GI Joe tank, helicopter, jeep, six wheel vehicle (don't know the real name), and foot locker. Not to mention all the guns, helmets, boots, and dog tags that went along with them. By the way, even though I spent hours playing with GI Joes and my hundreds of little army men, I have never shot at or tried to attack anyone with a least not yet.

- I found an app for my Google calendar that allows you to download a picture from the web and make it the background. I found a picture taken from the pier at Garden City, and now I see it every time I open my calendar. I will keep it up until I get too sad that I'm not going back to the beach anytime soon, and I guess I'll take it down then.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

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