Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More content to come later in the week

What?!? Another video? I know that I should have some real content up here by Tuesday, but there have been some events in the last 48 hours that have been very challenging for me. For those who worry when I write something like this, don't. God is so in control of what's happening at Freedom that it's not even funny, and I am more sure than ever that He has great things in store for HIS church. As a result of what's been going on, there's not a whole lot of ideas in my head that are firm enough to type on the old blog here. Hope you will enjoy this re-make of a familiar youtube video. This proves that an auto tuner can make anything sound like a bad hip-hop song.

1 comment:

justin said...

HAHA yeah ive seen that one before but not like that