Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What will your gift be?

Every year at this time I am always sure to add Luke 1-2 and Matthew 1-2 to my reading list. I know that it's good to read those passages of scripture anytime of year, but reading them regularly during the Christmas season helps me remember what all the fuss is really about.

This Sunday we will focus on the wise men and the fact that they brought gifts to Jesus. Of course that is where the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas got it's start. Funny how we spend lots of time and lots and lots of money on gifts for everyone else but Jesus. It is His birthday we are celebrating after all. Part of the problem is that a gift to Jesus can't be bough at Wal-Mart or ordered on-line, so we struggle to know what to get Him.

During worship this week I will challenge you to answer the question, "What will my gift to Jesus be?" Go ahead and read Matthew 1-2 to get prepared.

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